Toscotec developed and designed a high speed rewinder, the TT WIND-H, capable to reach an operating speed of 2500 mpm. Main characteristic of this unit is its sturdiness in order to avoid any possible vibration during the working process.

Moreover, the sophisticated control and drive system guarantees a perfect operation with all various types and basis weights of paper.

In addition to TT WIND-H, Toscotec proposes the compact TT WIND-P, with an operating speed of 1800 mpm. This rewinder combines reliability and efficiency with a competitive cost.

This unit aims to provide efficiency and reliability at a convenient cost. All Toscotec rewinders may be equipped with motorized, independent slitting groups.

Technical Specification

TT WIND Operating speed Maximum paper width Diameter of finished reel
P 1800 mpm up to 3500 mm 2200 mm
H 2500 mpm up to 5500 mm 3000 mm