A fully hydraulic rewinder, TT WIND-H has an operating speed of up to 1800 mpm and is capable of operating in line with high speed tissue machines such as those in the AHEAD family.

The hydraulic control of all winding phases, supervised by a sophisticated PLC, guarantees extremely uniform reels without compromising the quality of the finished product.

TT WIND-H can be equipped with up to four unwind stands, skewable or crown controlled type calender, slitting group with independent and motorized counterknives, automatic shaft puller and core loading system.

Technical Specification

Jumbo reel width Design speed Max operating speed Jumbo roll diameter Finished roll diameter Number of plies
up to 4200 mm /
216.5 inch
2000 mpm 1800 mpm up to 3000 mm up to 2500 mm up to 4