TT WIND-P is a modular rewinder with pneumatic control. The specific design of this unit allows for extremely fast and simple installation.

TT WIND-P can be equipped with up to four unwind stands for multi-ply reels, slitting group with a min slitting width of 150 mm, automatic control of all unwinding and rewinding phases and sectional drive system. Designed to operate in line with Modulo units, TT WIND-P has an operating speed of up to 1200 mpm and can be supplied complete with a calender unit.

The considerable care taken in the design phase has ensured extremely easy operation, even for non-specialist personnel, and making for a very fast learning curve.

Technical Specification

Jumbo reel width Design speed Max operating speed Jumbo roll diameter Finished roll diameter Number of plies
up to 3400 mm /
134 inch
1300 mpm 1200 mpm up to 2600 mm up to 2000 mm up to 4