Toscotec has absorbed tissue machine hood and ventilation specialist Milltech into its tissue technology operations.
Yankee hoods, steam and condensate systems for Yankee cylinders, along with dust and mist control and building ventilation are the key components of the new products division.

Our Yankee Hoods are custom designed to achieve the maximum dryness capacity through maximum water contente removal from the paper sheet, while at the same time ensuring stable speed and uniform air distribution.

They are designed to operate at temperatures of up 650°C, with an air process speed of up to 160 m/s. From the point of view of heat transfer capabilities (thermal efficiency) our Yankee hoods have a tailor-made internal design that guarantees the highest dryness performance. Advanced heat recovery systems allow recovering relevant amounts of energy by means of steam generators, air-air heat recoveries and air-water heat recoveries (direct and/or indirect).

Important reductions in pollutants such as CO and NOx and unburned hydrocarbons have been measured.

Each Hoods is designed to Customer specifications.
Model Name Feed Circuit
Suction TT Milltech-SYH Exhaust Only Air Extraction
Hybrid TT Milltech-HYH Exhaust/Steam Partial Mono (Wet Blowing)
Mono System TT Milltech-MYH Oil/Gas/Steam/Thermal Oil Monosystem
Duo System TT Milltech-DYH Oil/Gas/Steam/Thermal Oil Duosystem Cascade/Parallel
Smart TT Milltech-SMYH Gas Duosystem with high level of heat recovery
Multigen TT Milltech-MGYH Gas Cogeneration Duo/Mono