TT Milltech-DYH / Duosystem Hood

In the Duosystem circuit there are two separate burners (gas)/heating coils (steam) and two process air fans, one for the wet end and one for the dry end.

The heating circuit has the following equipment: 

  • - 2 Burners/Heating coils: one for each half-hood and complete with local control panel
  • - 2 Combustion air fans: to feed the combustion air to the burners (only for gas)
  • - 2 Supply air fans: to recirculate the hot air to wet end and dry end burners
  • - 1 Exhaust air fan: to remove the exhaust air and water from the wet end side to the atmosphere
  • - 1 Air/Air-heat exchanger: to preheat the fresh air with exhaust air before entering the burners

The operational logic of the plant can be Cascade or Parallel.

Cascade: means that the exhaust air from the dry end hood can be used as make-up air for the wet end hood. This system yields higher energy savings.

Parallel: means that the wet end and dry end half-hood can operate using completely different parameters (blowing speed and temperature). This system affords the extra flexibility needed for high temperature hoods.