TT Uniroll is the special roll that fits the bottom line of the dryer sections arranged in single tire configuration.

TT Uniroll main characteristic is to provide a stable path for the web, both during tail threading and operating production. This feature is achieved by means of a vacuum effect that hold the paper when it is on the external part of the felt on bottom cylinders.

Said vacuum effect can be generated by the use of the roll in combination with a stabilizing box or generated from the inside of the cylinder by means of and external source of vacuum (fan). Roll surface is normally drilled and also be grooved to create an escape for the air trapped in between the felt and the roll.

An internal confined zone on the tender side edge is created to improve ropeless tail feeding.

TT Uniroll is supplied with a bolted shaft as a standard, with the advantage, in case of an accident or a bearing failure, to have the possibility to replace the damaged shaft.

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