The wet end is a crucial part of the paper production, as it is the part of the machine in which the formation and distribution of the fibers in the paper take place.

TT Fourdrinier are customized to any of our Customer, taking into account the peculiarities of the paper produced and the headbox specifications, in terms of flows and basis weights. They can be supplied as a single wire configuration, two wires, or three wires, depending whether the paper produced is a single ply or multi ply one.

In the fourdrinier a big part of the water is drained from the stock, usually approximately from 1% to 22% of solids, and how this water is removed is very important for the quality of the paper.

Also important is to keep an eye on the practice of the wire changes in order to minimize shutdown periods.

TT Headbox and TT CouchRoll can complete the fourdrinier solution.

Technical Specification

Fourdrinier layout Single wire
Double wires
Three wires
Single wire or multi layer wire Forming board
Low vacuum boxes
Medium vacuum boxes
High vacuum boxes
Frame material Solid stainless steel, AISI 304 or AISI 316L
Frame design Back cantilever
Front cantilever
C type design
    TT FourdrinierTT FourdrinierTT Fourdrinier