Toscotec, depending on the peculiar needs of its customer, is able to select the proper type of TT Headbox that could better equip a paper machine.

In order to meet the various production requirements and to match all possible applications and basis weight ranges, each headbox is customized and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements in order to achieve optimal formation. Great care has been paid into the dimensioning of the diffuser, in minimizing head losses and in optimizing the internal flow speed. All models of TT Headbox feature a cross profile adjustment system with automatic or manual jacks and lip opening control. Toscotec designs and manufactures a complete lineup of headboxes with pressurized or hydraulic configuration.

TT Headbox-S: Pressurized headboxes are most commonly used where the flexibility is the main focus. Foam reduction device and vacuum regulating system could be used as an option.

TT Headbox-H: Hydraulic headboxes are designed and focused for medium-high speed paper machines and give high quality formation. Dilution control and internal blades could be added as an option.

All the surfaces in contact with the stock are carefully mirror polished.

Technical Specification

TT Headbox S H
Type Pressurized Hydraulic
Layers 1 1
Diffuser type HD poliethylene block Tube bank in SS
Flow separation No Option
Material Aisi 304 or AISI316; all parts in contact with stock in AISI 316L Aisi 304 or AISI316; all parts in contact with stock in AISI 316L
Dilution Control Optional Optional
Design Speed (mpm) Up to 800 Up to 1200
Pond Width (mm) Up to 5600 Up to 5600