For good surface finishing it is necessary to install an on-machine calender group or, alternatively, an off-line calender unit.

Toscotec TT Calender is the answer for any paper surface need, such as smoothness, gloss or caliper uniformity.

In fact the aim of calendaring is to improve the surface characteristic of the paper by means of pressing and heating the paper web, giving it a very smooth texture and enhancing the printing capabilities of the paper surface.

TT Calender includes solutions with two or more nips, with hard or soft rolls. The solution with the use of a heated roll against a swimming cylinder can achieve a perfect control of paper quality even at high operating speed.

Technical Specification

TT Calender-H The hard calendering process utilizes hard press rolls that form a small nip thus improve the paper properties and specially the CD caliper profiling control. Most effective impact on caliper profile and bulk control. Calendering of both sides by using only one nip but with a limited influence on two sidedness. High availability and maintenance cost reduction due to reduced roll changes.
TT Calender-S The soft calendering process utilizes rolls with a soft, elastic cover that form a nip replicating the surface of the tempered roll with a hard surface – thus improving the paper properties and specially the printability and the surface finish of the web. Limited influence on two sidedness, however, good control of two sidedness in a paper specific narrow operating range.