TT XPress represent the latest development of the pressing technology, for its ability to reach the highest dryness values at the end of the press section.

This basic result is the result of the research, developments and field experience of the last years, which consolidate Toscotec experience in this field of application.

The main result of the use of a TT XPress in the last position of the press section can achieve desirable results in terms of dryness, surface finishing, mechanical characteristics and bulk. The base concept of the TT XPress is simple: enlarge the nip width even several time standard presses did, in order to have the paper being in the loading area much longer. Another possibility given by the TT XPress is the continuous control of the pressure curve, so to significantly increase the final dryness minimizing rewetting.

Depending of the paper to be produced the TT XPress could be installed in top or bottom arrangements, in a single or double felted configuration.

On the run sensors and heads control instrumentation helps any operator to have the TT XPress always under control.

TT XPress is an extremely flexible unit and can be easily installed in existing paper machines thanks to a slim framing.
Very simple connection between the TT XPress and the backing roll make any maintenance very easy, and an improved belt sealing device completes the machinery, reducing the time for the belt changes.

Technical Specification

Linear nip load Up to 1300 kN/m
Nip width Up to 350 mm
TT XPress configuration in the machine Top or bottom
TT XPress layout Single or double felt
Loading system Hydraulic, with 6 differentiated zones
Belt stretching system Hydraulic, digitally controlled
Backing roll Rubber, polyurethane or ceramic covering
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