The primary objective of the TT Milltech-DUST is to intercept and capture dust at or near the source of generation in the area between the doctor blade and the pope reel (stabilizing elements, stretchers, turnrolls and anything touching the sheet after it leaves the Yankee dryer).

TT Milltech-DUST is equipped with very effective suction boxes that are customized to meet the user’s specific requirements, located as close to the source of dust generation as possible. 

The internal shape is designed to prevent plugging phenomena and to ensure constant air speed along the suction slot, even for wide webs. Toscotec manufactures dust separators both for dry and wet cleaning. Web stabilization components such as the Suction Stabilizer and Pope Reel Stabilizer improve paper runnability.

Patented anti-ballooning system can be provided for high speed machines.

A standard design of the Dust Control System for the Tissue Machine consists of:

  • - 2 sheet stabilizers - (suction type)
  • - 3 tailor-made suction boxes
  • - 1 canopy hood

This equipment is designed not to interfere with papermaking activities.