The main purpose of the heating and ventilation system is to prevent condensation phenomena inside the building for better environmental conditions.

The thermal energy necessary for ventilation can be supplied through a heat exchanger + a steam/hot water – water battery. The heat exchanger is usually an indirect tube or plate type and the heating fluid is the exhaust air coming from the high efficiency hood. Together with the original battery, the heat exchanger is designed to supply the amount of heat required in order to allow the ventilation air to attain design conditions, when the heat inside the hood exhaust air reaches its designated value.

Inside the building, the air is supplied through the heating ventilation units provided with heating coils and fans. The fans, placed on the roof or wall, will extract humid air.

Different solutions can be studied based on customers’ needs.

Technical Specification

Unit Value
Room-Heated N°/h 5
Blowing temperature (after mixing) °C 21-27
Electric energy VHz 400/3/50
Compressed air bar 6