Toscotec designed a complete line of hydraulic headboxes with or without dilution control in order to meet the various production requirements and match all the possible applications and the basis weight ranges. Each TT Headbox is customized and manufactured according to Customer’s requirements in order to obtain an optimal formation of the paper. Great care has been paid into the dimensioning of the diffuser, the minimizing of head losses and in optimizing the internal flow speed. Particular attention has been focused on the TT Headbox design to reduce fibres usage, working with higher consistencies without affecting the final tissue formation and softness.

All models of TT Headbox feature a cross profile adjustment system with automatic or manual jacks and lip opening control.

Toscotec also developed a multi-layer headbox (TT Headbox-MLT) with operating speed up to 2200 mpm featuring flexible lamellas for better micro turbulence control.

Technical Specification

TT Headbox Type Layers Diffuser type Flow separation Material Dilution Control Design Speed Pond Width
SLT Hydraulic 1 HD poliethylene block or Tubebank No AISI 304 or AISI 316L No up to 1800 mpm up to 3700 mm
MLT Hydraulic 1-3 Tubebank Internal lamellas AISI 304 or AISI 316L Optional up to 2200 mpm up to 5700 mm