The ever growing demand for higher quality and softer products and the need to operate at higher production speed, are among the key points that have led Toscotec to design the current Pope reels.

TT Reel-P and TT Reel-H are the optimum solutions for the modern tissue machines. Thanks to an improved tail threading system and an innovative reel change procedure it is possible to substantially increase the process efficiency, while a precise control of all the phases of reel winding enhances the quality of the finished products.

The next generation of hydraulic reels TT Reel-H+ proposed by Toscotec can be equipped upon Customer request with enhanced automatic reel spools return, full width turn up, spool core drive assist and linear secondary arms.

Continuous market demand for better product quality, higher bulk and softness as well as high speed machine reliability are the major drivers in designing tissue Pope reels.

Technical Specification

TT Reel Type Operating speed Diameter of reel Control Maximum paper width
P Pneumatic 1800 2600 mm Dedicated PLC up to 3600 mm
H & H+ Hydraulic 2000 3000 mm Dedicated PLC up to 5600 mm