The TT ThickeningScrew is used in stock preparation plants for stock thickening or, in its special configuration 250/1 S, for rejects dewatering.

All the parts in contact with the stock are manufactured in stainless steel. When one, two or three screws are installed on the same supporting frame there is the possibility to rotate independently each unit for an easy maintenance.

In the standard configuration each screw is equipped with a basket with conical holes and dewaters the stock up to consistencies of 12-16% if fed with a minimum consistency of 2%. For rejects dewatering the, 250/1 S unit is equipped with a feeding tank in order to dampen the intermittent flows coming from the upstream cleaning machines. A feeding box can be supplied also together with the standard configuration screws to keep constant the feeding pressure.

Technical Specification

TT TickeningScrew Basket diameter Max hydraulic capacity Installed power
CA-250/1–1S 250 mm 1200 l/min 5.5 kW
CA-250/2 2x250 mm 2400 l/min 2x5.5 kW
CA-250/3 3x250 mm 3600 l/min 3x5.5 kW
CA-400/1 400 mm 3000 l/min 15 kW
CA-400/2 2x400 mm 6000 l/min 2x15 kW
CA-400/3 3x400 mm 9000 l/min 3x15 kW